Wahl Finale 5-Star Finishing Tool Shaver


This is our excellent Wahl Finale 5-Star Finishing Tool Shaver.

With a cutting length of 0.1 mm, the Final Shaver is a real must-have!

The Wahl Finale Shaver is an extremely powerful shaver from the Five Star Serie. Specially designed for the finishing and blending of bald fades and retouching of necklines. Also the Wahl Finale Shaver is ideal for both removing of stray hair as the occurrence of ingrown hairs.

The Wahl Finale Shaver is compact and lightweight which is pleasant for the hand of the user. With the Final Shaver you can easily control all movements, bringing great precision into your work!

The Wahl Finale Shaver comes with hypoallergenic golden cutting oil. The foil of the shaver is very thin, in order to achieve the best shaving results possible.

During the usage it is vital for the user to exert slight pressure on the Finale Shaver to prevent damage to the fragile golden foil. The foil and unique lamella knives provide the ultimate super close-cut and irritation-free shaving.

The simple quick-release button ensures that the Final Shaver can be cleaned quickly and effectively.

An indicator light will illuminate to indicate when it is necessary to charge the battery.

  • Running time of 80 minutes
  • Charging time of 120 minutes
  • Cordless use
  • Not suitable for long or beard hair
  • Hypo-allergenic golden cutting oil
  • The WAHL Finale Shaver comes with:
  • 1x protective cover
  • 1x Maintenance brush
  • 1x Pre-shaving brush
  • 1x Plug-in transformer

Are you looking for a super short (0.1mm) shaving trimmer? This shaver is the ultimate finishing tool.

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