Proraso Wood And Spice Beard Shampoo 200ml


This is our Beard Shampoo by Proraso, fabricated in Italy, Florence. Don’t undermine the importance of a good beard shampoo.

Every man with a beard should have a special beard shampoo for washing it. In contrast to all other washing soaps this one is less aggressive and will not damage all your beards natural oils but contain and enrich them.

With the Proraso Beard Shampoo you will be more than save. Your beard will be perfectly clean, smell amazing and be softer than ever before. Do note that even with a special shampoo we recommend not to wash the beard more frequent than 3 times a week.

Not only the formula is extremely pleasing and nourishing for your beard but also the smell is great. Wood & Spice is a delicious mix of cedarwood and sandalwood. The beard shampoo will provide a warm and fresh feeling everyone wishes for.

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