Hey Joe! Pomade Super Strong 100ml


This is our Super Strong Pomade by Hey Joe! It is a modern water based pomade with a scent of fresh water melon. Gives an even stronger hold than “Hey Joe! Genuine Hair Pomade Strong”. It provides for a matt finish and is easy to wash out. Fabricated in Spain.

This is the second gel pomade by the popular brand Hey Joe! Unscrewing the lid, any impression of agression flies away, since you feel like looking into a sunny pool: the pomade is ocean blue, almost clear and scents powerfully of fresh melons. It reminds of summer and holiday.

The consistency seems not extremly hard either. It is not stronger than the “Hey Joe! Genuine Hair Pomade Strong” it even feels softer than that. It is easy to get out of the can, but between the hands you get a first idea of its strength. It is really sticky despite its creamy consistency.

Yet it is quite easy to apply into the hair. It shows its power after a few moments. The hold is extremely firm and the hair will not get out of its position. Still, the hair is easy to comb and can be re-styled all day. The hair style does not look dry, it gets a little sheen that gets matt after a few times of combing.

The “Hey Joe! Super Strong Genuine Hair Pomade” is very easy to wash out due to its water base. Plain water is enough to get it out.


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